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The jump from middle school to high school or a move to a new district can be intimidating.  We've compiled some frequently asked questions about logistics below.  


As information is published by the school about back to school, registration, or summer reading, we'll always spread the word on our website and weekly e-newsletter but also on our social media channels (Facebook Twitter Instagram). 


Please don't hesitate to get in touch with any questions - we've all probably had the same ones and are happy to share what we know!


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FAQ for families new to chaparral/susd

What is CHAPTS?

CHAPTS is a small not-for-profit organization that's operated and funded by parent volunteers to support the learning of Chaparral students.  


We are not managed by the Chaparral administration or the Scottsdale Unified School District, but we work closely with school and district staff to ensure that parents are informed and engaged with what's happening on campus.  


We hold two fundraisers each year: a fall membership drive and we offer a small number of parking spots to parents of 10th and 11th graders each year in exchange for a donation.  These fundraisers support all CHAPTS programs and grants to teachers and staff. 

How Do I Register? What Fees Do I Need To Pay?  And What Is ParentVue? 

New students at Chaparral should register first with SUSD as soon as possible. Registration fees for each school (including PE locks and yearbooks) can be paid on TouchBase, SUSD's online payment portal.  

How can my student buy lunch in the cafeteria?

You can set up an online account to pay for lunch here. Lunch menus are posted here.

Where can I find bus route and transportation information?

Click here and select “bus routes” on the SUSD transportation website.

Why does my student have an susdgapps.org email address and Google Classroom?

SUSD is a Google Classroom District.  All students are assigned a Google email account to use for school.  Students should ask one of their teachers if they don’t know how to access their susdgapps.org account.  They often have to share documents with other students, teachers or turn in assignments remotely using Google.  Most teachers use their Google Classroom for classroom documents and assignments. Access Student Google Account Information

How can my student get involved with programs at Chaparral?

How can my student get involved with school clubs or other activities?  

STUGO, the Chaparral Student Government, usually holds a Club Rush at lunch during the first few weeks of the year.  During Club Rush, representative from each student club will set up stations where prospective members can learn about the club and sign up to be notified about meetings.  You can also find a list of school clubs on the Chaparral website.  (Info updated every Fall.) Firebird Word, the Chaparral video announcement, is played in homeroom every day, and it's also a great way for students to learn about what's happening on campus.  Finally, CHAPTS does its best to share news about Chaparral clubs and teams.  Follow us on social media! Facebook Twitter Instagram

What is the Arizona state tax credit?

Arizona law allows taxpayers to receive a dollar for dollar tax credit of up to $200 for individual filers and up to $400 for married filers for contributions made to SUSD schools. You can claim the tax credit when filing your Arizona State Income Tax return. These funds are administered by each school's Site Council to support extracurricular and school activities.  Click here for more information or to make a donation.


What are the Chaparral attendance policies?

  • Parents must call the attendance line prior to or on the actual day of the absence. If no contact is made to the school within 24 hours, the absence will be considered unexcused. No excusals after 24 hours unless a doctor’s note is provided. Attendance line is 480-484-6600. Please leave name, student ID, date of absence, late arrival or pickup time, parent name and phone number.

  • Students arriving late and leaving early MUST sign in/out through the attendance office.

  • If a student is leaving school due to illness, please ask teacher for a pass to go to the nurse. The nurse will call home, so parents need not call attendance.

  • In order to respect educational time, the office will NOT call into the classroom and disrupt class. Students should plan to leave during the passing period.

  • The attendance office must be informed prior to the student’s departure (minimum of 1 hour notice) to ensure timely departure. The student is responsible for picking up a pass from the attendance office before the start of class if leaving during instructional time. 

  • In order to have minimal disruptions, students must show their teacher the pass before the start of class to inform teacher they will be leaving early.

  • If your parent has not called you out ahead of time, please plan to wait patiently. Students cannot loiter in the office. You must go back to class to wait for parent call if not received within five minutes of arriving in office.

  • Students driving themselves must sign in and out through the attendance office when arriving late or before leaving campus for safety and accountability.  

  • Chaparral High School is a CLOSED CAMPUS. Students may NOT leave for lunch unless and a parent physically SIGNS OUT student.  

  • SUSD publishes attendance and tardies via ParentVUE/StudentVUE. Regular use of program will provide for a more proactive approach and avoid disciplinary action as it applies to attendance.

    • 5 total absences per semester – Parent notification (If five or more are unexcused, then possible referral to SRO for habitual truancy)

    • 10 total absences per semester – Parent notification, administrator contact and completion of loss of credit contract.

    • 18 total absences per year – Parent notification, administrator contract, refer to law for citation, withdrawal and reenrollment process through the student’s corresponding school.

    • 5 total tardies per semester per class – parent notification, disciplinary consequences.

    • 10 total tardies per semester – parent notification, administrator contact and completion of loss of credit contract. 

  • What is a Tardy?   Arriving to class after the start of the class period (indicated by the school bell) and missing up to ten minutes of class time.  

  • What is an Absence?   Not being present in class (either all day or a single period). Note: If a student is ten minutes (or more) late to class, leaves class early, or leaves class without permission, this is also an absence.

  • Call the attendance office to report absence: 480-484-6600.  Contact Assistant Principal Joshua Pantier with questions about policies and loss of credit contracts. 

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The information on CHAPTS.org is compiled by parent volunteers, and the website hosting fees are paid for through membership donations.  If you find this resource useful, please consider supporting the Chaparral HS Association of Parents and Teachers by becoming a CHAPTS member.





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