Back to School, 2023-24

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school and district Communications

As messages are sent to parent email addresses by Chaparral or SUSD Administrative staff, we'll compile them here.  Click to download the original pdfs. 


Please note that in some years, students have come to campus before the first day of school to pick up textbooks or pay fees.  This year all registration will be done online and students will be taken to the bookstore by teachers during the first few days of school to pick up textbooks. 



Each year, parents are asked to ensure that their students are officially registered, that all information is up-to-date, and to review District policies and Code of Conduct. You can begin that process now for 2023-24 by following the instructions here.

Summer reading

Students in 9th and 10th grade Honors-level English, AP Lang, or AP Lit have been assigned summer reading.  You can see the full list here

School Supplies

There is no set school supply list for students. During the first week of school, teachers will distribute a class syllabus and let students know what, if any, special supplies are required. Generally speaking, most students will need folders for each class; plenty of looseleaf paper; several college-ruled composition books; red, blue, and black pens; pencils and erasers; and a few colors of highlighters.  

Student Lockers

Most students choose not to use lockers at Chap, instead just carrying everything they need in their backpacks.  


Ninth graders are usually given the opportunity to sign up for an on-campus locker if they'd like to use one, and all PE students will be assigned a locker in the changing room and be given the opportunity to purchase a combination lock.  

Student Schedules

Student schedules will be made available on ParentVue and StudentVue a few days before school starts. 

First Day

The first day of school for students is Monday, August 7


Back to school night

Watch for communications from the Chaparral administration with information about this year's Back to School Night. 

Calendars and daily schedule

Save yourself some time and enter early release days, vacations, and school start and end dates automatically!  Using this URL, you can subscribe to the SUSD calendar on Mac, Outlook, or Google Calendar. This Printable 2023-24 SUSD Calendar is handy to have around as well and includes school phone numbers. 


Click here for the regular and early release bell schedules. 

student fees

Parents can pay online for class fees, textbooks, art supplies, activity cards, PE uniforms and lockers, and Chaparral yearbooks.  Fees are usually available for payment starting in late July.


To find out if your student has outstanding fees at the bookstore follow these instructions: 

  1. Visit
  2. Select Chaparral High School
  3. Sign in – User ID is student ID# and password is student's 8-digit birthdate (e.g., 04242006)
  4. Click on My Info

transportation, drop-off, and parkinG

Bus Routes

Bus routes can be accessed through the SUSD Transportation Department website. Please contact the SUSD Transportation Department at 480-484-8550 with any questions or visit their website for more information.

Drop-Off and Pick-Up

For student drop-off and pick-up, enter the East Parking Lot off 70th street near the nurse's office and administration building.  The Auditorium Parking Lot on Gold Dust avenue is for buses only.  When dropping off your student, please use the right-hand lane.  All cars must turn right, heading south, when exiting the parking lot.  Left turns are not permitted during drop-off and pick-up times.  Please see this map for more details.  We encourage you to arrive early or drop off your student farther from school to avoid the crowds.  Please do not park in any student parking spots, even if they appear to be available. 


Seniors were given the opportunity to purchase parking passes in May and would have received email confirmation of their purchase before the end of the school year.  Watch for more information from the school about parking pass pick-up for seniors. It's usually in late July.


Students who park off campus should be sure they're parking in permissible areas.  The visitor lot (in front of the nurse's office), the teacher lot (in front of the auditorium), and Barton House are not available for student parking.


All student parking spots have been assigned to students who have registered and paid for parking.  Students and parents may not park in any spot other than that assigned to them. Many seniors have late-start schedules, so spots may appear to be available, but they are not. 


School Lunches

Lunch menus are posted here. Students can purchase lunch or snacks using their ID. Funds can be added to student accounts using LinqConnect (formerly Titan School Solutions). For more information about pricing and menus, visit SUSD's Nutrition Services site.  



Chaparral is a closed campus; students may not have lunches delivered by restaurants or through services like DoorDash or UberEats. 


Applications for free and reduced meals must be submitted annually, even if approved the previous year. 

To apply, submit your Free and Reduced Meal Applications online. Once there, click "Apply for Meals Today" or "Solicitar Comidas Hoy" located on the right side of the page.



Athletics will begin in early August and SUSD will continue to use Register My Athlete. In order to participate in high school or middle school Athletics, there are specific requirements your student will need to meet and that you will need to upload to Register My Athlete.  


The requirements are:

 6 page AIA Physical, signed by a physician

 2 page AIA Consent to Treat/MTBI

All high school athletes must complete the NFHS Concussion in Sports course and Opioid Awareness course once during their high school career. Incoming 9th graders wanting to take part in SUSD athletics while in 9th grade must complete both courses before they are allowed to participate. Click here for those courses.

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The information on is compiled by parent volunteers, and the website hosting fees are paid for through membership donations.  If you find this resource useful, please consider supporting the Chaparral HS Association of Parents and Teachers by becoming a CHAPTS member.





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