CHAPTS is the Chaparral High School Association of Parents and Teachers. Our mission is to support the Chaparral community through fund raising, volunteering time, and allocating funds for the benefit of all students.


CHAPTS raises  funds  through our annual membership drive which takes places in August, our spring CHAPTown love event, and through passive fundraisers.


CHAPTS has many volunteering opportunities that include helping on campus in the attendance office, reception desk, book store, library, college & career center, during registration, and for teacher/staff hospitality events. CHAPTS also sponsors Project Graduation,  an all night,  safe, drug free, alcohol free graduation party for seniors.


CHAPTS allocates money to teacher and staff development, funding of an office aide, funding of a library aide, new club funding, teacher luncheon funding and the funding of many teacher requests which include books, literary subscriptions, sound systems, and classroom enrichment.


CHAPTS is a 501(c)(3) organization, Tax ID number 90-0004150


Back to School Staff Breakfast - Volunteers needed! 

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