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Welcome to Chaparral High School!  There are so many wonderful opportunities here at Chaparral for students.  

One of our points of pride is the diverse number of student-driven clubs on campus. Students come together to participate in clubs that range from academic, sports, service, fine arts, interest-based, competition clubs, and more.  Club Rush happens in the fall and students can get a chance to see all of our clubs and learn how to join them. If a student doesn’t see a club they want to join, they should create one of their own to lead on campus!

The 2023-2024 school year was full of events steeped in tradition, as well as new activities on campus.

  • Students hosted their second student run fine arts festival as well as many club and charitable events.
  • Our students also received many accolades in different areas, such as our award winning band, choir, and theater program.
  • Our visual arts had an outstanding year with many AP students that earned their fine arts seal as well as a Coloring Book Contest Design winner and a Valley Metro Design a Transit Wrap Contest winner. 
  • All of our sports programs had successful seasons and sports created opportunities for both highly trained athletes as well as beginners to play a part in our athletics program. Our Girls Frosh Soccer team was a new addition to our sports program this year, along with Girls Flag Football. 
  • Academically, our year was successful with 9 National Merit Finalists, 1 National Merit Scholar, 1 Flynn Scholar, 4 Perfect ACT scores and 1 US Presidential Scholar. Seniors were accepted to prestigious schools all over the country, including Vanderbilt, Embry-Riddle, Amherst, Brown, Stanford, Cornell, Georgia Tech and NYU. Over 1100 AP exams were completed for over 600 students. Seniors earned AP Capstone recognition, Seals of Personal Finance, Seals of Biliteracy and Seals of Fine Arts.
CHAPTS is the Chaparral High School Association of Parents and Teachers, a 501(c)(3) organization operated by parent volunteers and funded by generous donations from the Chaparral community. Our mission is to support the Chaparral community through fundraising, volunteer service, and family engagement. 
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Junior Parent Coffee, September 9

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